• We are striving to become an integrated global engineering company.
  • Our company, after having commenced our business as an engineering company in the area of electrical engineering, are striving to put efforts to become an integrated and specialized engineering company with business areas including electrical, civil engineering, construction and machinery on the basis of the experiences accumulated while executing an extensive range of power generation related projects.
  • We are steadfastly advancing towards the status of an outstanding company capable of executing a wide range of services ranging from design, supervision and testing of various devices, through to commissioning on the basis of resolute faith and reliability as we are equipped with extensive experience and expert engineers skilled in the areas of electricity and automatic control of industrial and construction facilities.
  • Moreover, we are striving to introduce and independently develop various turbines by further fortifying the area of the testing for the commissioning test of power generation plants and transformer stations based on our accumulated knowhowthrough participation in the construction of solar power, biomass, hydropower and waste matter power generation stations in particular, in addition to the existing system structure in the area of electricity.
  • Meanwhile, we are proud that we are making advances in our works including analysis and diagnosis of various electrical systems and disasters through our specialization in the area of safety diagnosis of electrical facilities by means of unsparing investment and education.
  • We shall continue to ardently put efforts into the foundation of sincerity, spirit of challenge and creativity. Accordingly, we seek your continued interest and guidance.